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About us

About us

Interior studio Kiwi creative works under the guidance of designers Victoria Kruglova and Irina Dianova, graduates of the Central Saint Martins school of London, ELISAVA School of Design and engineering of Barcelona, and the European School of Design in Kiev. The studio was founded in 2010. We consider our projects and positive customer feedback to be the best confirmation of the successful and high-quality work.

We develop and implement design projects for all types of premises. We consult on decoration, re-planning, selection of textiles, lighting and other aspects of interior design.

Special attention is given to the selection of art objects in interiors.

The work process for us is both a creative component and a systematic, methodical and professional approach to project management.

We have managed to gather professionals of different directions around ourselves - artists, specialists in work with wood, metal, textiles, glass. After all, design is a complex and interesting puzzle that is being solved together by one team.

The compulsory parts of our activity are studies of trends, new materials and structuring of the interior market information. Visits to world exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Cologne are usually scheduled a year in advance, and the antique markets of world capitals and small European cities are a special inspiration.